Welcome to “How to MCS”.

This really could have so many titles, how can I chose just one? Well if I have to boil it down to one thing, I first got inspired by the utter lack of resources on ‘how to” make/buy/prepare/replace a lot of chemical and supposedly natural products or items of daily living that were increasing the progression of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) in 2016.

Did I try a lot of natural recipes online? Most of them yes, but when you are so sensitive and keep reacting to supposedly natural stuff, you ask yourself: “Dang, there must be something more going on here?!” And indeed there is but most people are just not sensitive enough to know, and it takes a lot of time to dig the real science about why baking soda isn’t the magical skin ingredient they claim it to be. (Don’t get me wrong, it is awesome for cleaning, but scratching myself all day because I washed my hair with is a bit too masochist for me)

Yes, that’s humour everyone. I know, rare when we talk about health right? But I want this to be helpful AND not a depressing doomsday website telling you there’s no escape and we’re all going to die under a pile of chemicals. I want this to be uplifting while helpful, and my best tool is humour. Yes, I spell the Canadian way. Enjoy the cultural experience

Soohh… Faced with barely any resources this nerdy girl improvised, looked some more, experimented, and now I want to share with you my results and knowledge so you don’t have to start from scratch like I did. I’m always looking for new products to try and reduce my chemical load and make our lifestyle even healthier.

This website is going to be about :
How to live with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity without losing your mind (#didn’t-use-to-swear-before-i-got-sick)

How the heck am I supposed to do that? (solutions to impossible tasks and situations we find ourselves in the higher the severity level or your clean living expectations)

How to live with someone with MCS (aka as hubby’s corner or hubby’s blowing a fuse and he has the right to)

How not to be an idiot like me when learning how to shop and test things. (That one should be fun because I was an idiot so many times, still am)

How to implement clean living to limit your exposure while not becoming a ‘health-nut’ (this should apply to anyone, not just those with MCS.

How to recognize if a product really is natural? I got you mostly covered there cause as a person who reacts to almost everything, I know when a product is not ‘that green/clean/natural”. That’s my superpower BD (hey, there’s gotta be advantages!)

How to know which severity level of MCS you have (yep, we all have one and it’s about time we make ourselves a chart!)

How to spot the difference between good and bad scientific or natural living articles and treatment methods (aka don’t trust that Facebook post or find the original research what they publish has probably been twisted to attract clickbaits)

How to find local resources for yourself (aka sucks to be in countries where specialized products are out of reach)

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